Meet The Wildbreakers


An adventure seeking family, the Wildbreakers love nothing more than being outdoors and staying active. Whether they are at the beach, hiking trails through the forest, skiing down the slopes, or just spending time in their big backyard, they love the open air. That’s why, only the best outdoor apparel will do. They need gear that stands up to them because nothing slows them down!

Dad – Dave Wildbreaker  He wears many hats but his favorite one is “Dad”. He loves playing outside with the kids, tinkering around in the garage, jokes with puns, and his wife’s cooking.

Mom – Sarah Wildbreaker  She’s a loving mom and a stickler for keeping the kids protected whenever the play outdoors. From sunhats to ski gloves, her kids always have the best gear.

Emily Wildbreaker

3 years old. A dreamer and a visionary she loves to tag along with her big brother but is just as happy being by herself as she dances, sings, and plays in the sunshine or falling snow.

Benjamin Wildbreaker

1 months old. The baby of the family he gets plenty of smooches and cuddles from his older siblings. Joey can’t wait to go on adventures with him and Emily loves pulling him in the wagon on sunny days and sledding with him on snowy ones.

Joey Wildbreaker

6 years old. He’s s an explorer who doesn’t let the weather stand in the way of his fun. He loves being outdoors as he runs, climbs, and swings his way into his next adventure.