Winter Gloves

Aug29th 2023


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  • Cold hands are no fun! They ruin perfect days. Kids snow gloves are more than just finger covers, they are snowball formers, snowman makers, igloo carvers, and more! Kids winter gloves are the tool children use to build their outdoor dreams. That’s why we worked for over 4 years to create the perfect glove. The glove that’s made for ALL DAY PLAY! They are made for childhood &  stand up to whatever your child can dish out! That means staying warm whatever the weather!
  • We don’t just make winter gloves for kids. This is our specialty. We test each part over and over until it is perfected. If it’s not good enough for our kids we won’t sell it for yours! We’re obsessed with gloves and mittens so you don’t have to think about them! You can be confident that when you send your kids out wearing Wildbreakers gloves they will be warm and comfortable all day! Snowproof and windproof! TRIED AND TESTED!!
  • What makes them better? INSULATION: They are insulated with the perfect amount of Thinsulate. Not too much so hands don’t sweat, and not too little so hands stay warm. Plus it’s not only about how much you put in, it’s where you put it! Because we’ve done so much testing, our proprietary design and blend allows for maximum warmth and maximum comfort!
  • DESIGN: Our PATENT PENDING thumb design allows for easy use even for the smallest hands. It also allows for extra comfort for every wearer! We undid the standard of all glove designs and improved them so EVERYONE can enjoy playing outside! That means people with limited mobility, younger children, those with developmental delays, and even squirmy toddlers.
  • SECURITY: Our extra long cuff and hook and loop closure ensure that once they are on these gloves won’t slip off. It also protects the hand from any snow or ice sneaking in! Your kids will love these boys winter gloves and girls gloves so much you’ll wish we made them in your size. We don’t – sorry! We only like making kids gloves and mittens! ;)</li> </ul>